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The 29th LAWASIA Conference 2016 will be an international legal forum that will bring together 350 – 400 delegates, will provide an invaluable opportunity to share legal research and information and to create and strengthen partnerships amongst the legal community of Asia, the Pacific and beyond.

The 29th LAWASIA Conference will in addition, mark the Golden Jubilee Year of LAWASIA. It will be hosted by Sri Lanka and will be held in Colombo from 12th to 15th August 2016.

The conference program will be structured to include a wide range of plenary sessions, work sessions, presentations and other activity that will provide participants with ample opportunity to develop their legal knowledge and share their experiences.


fig1 As the privilege of holding the LAWASIA presidency during its 50th Jubilee year is mine, so is the honour of inviting all members of the legal community to join us at the 29th LAWASIA Conference 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 12-15 August.
It is indeed a pleasure to offer the warmest of invitations to all who have an interest in the opportunity to exchange legal views and information as well as the desire to be identified as a contributor to the international discourse that this conference offers.
It is significant and welcome that LAWASIA’s jubilee celebrations are marked by this conference and hosted by our friends and colleagues at the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.
The eighteen Asia Pacific jurisdictions that met in Canberra, Australia in August 1966 to sign the inaugural constitution of what was then a law association for Asia and the western Pacific, included representatives from the former Ceylon. The support of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka for LAWASIA has been an ongoing and valued contribution throughout our collective history.
The names of both the host country and the law associations have changed over time, and it bears consideration that this is a true reflection of the dynamism that has typified our region over the past half century.
What has not changed is the commitment of LAWASIA, though its members, both organisational and individual, to upholding the rule of law, to fostering devotion to the commonly-held principles that bind the legal community, to providing a platform for ongoing legal education and to working to protect the rights of all people under the law.
Both LAWASIA and its hosts at the Bar Association of Sri Lanka are certain that delegates will relish the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and are equally certain that the celebration of 50 years of LAWASIA at this conference will deliver an unforgettable experience, the memories of which will carry us all though the next 50 years. I look forward to welcoming you all.

Prashant Kumar


fig1And so LAWASIA returns to our beautiful island after Twenty Eight (28) years. We are grateful to the President and the Council Members of LAWASIA for having placed confidence in us through their award to host this year's conference "- The Golden Jubilee Conference" scheduled for the 12th to the 15th of August 2016.
Sri Lanka has not only survived a civil strife of three decades but in the last year bounced back with the firm affirmation that we need the Rule of Law, Democracy and above all the right to live a decent life where all our people are truly equal living in dignity with true peace and freedom enveloping our society.
Whilst we proudly affirm that we are a sovereign people we are also conscious that no man is an island. If a bell tolls we cannot ask for whom it tolls as we realize that it tolls for you and me. In our journey towards greater democracy and the rule of law we need the support of all especially our friends in the international community.
In LAWASIA 2016 we look forward to the participation of our Colleagues especially from LAWASIA members, the neighboring and even distant countries.
Come let's share and learn how we all can do things better and make the law more meaningful and society friendly which after all the law is mandated to serve and do. Your presence in great numbers will encourage and spur our land to greater heights.
Our beautiful land of diverse languages and religions and above all of friendly people awaits your inspiring presence and meaningful deliberations.

Geoffrey Alagaratnam, PC
Bar Association of Sri Lanka


fig1Sri Lanka is proud to host the LAWASIA 2016 Golden Jubilee Conference from 12-15 August in Colombo and this is the third occasion that Sri Lanka will be hosting this prestigious conference, having initially hosted it in 1979 and then again in 1993. We deeply appreciate LAWASIA for the trust and confidence placed with us in awarding the privilege of hosting the LAWASIA Conference in 2016.
LAWASIA annual conference is a premier legal event that brings together a diverse group of leading legal professionals both individual and corporate representing lawyers of the Asia – Pacific region and individual members of the legal community from and around the world. Almost over fifty years, the LAWASIA has operated as a platform to promote cross-jurisdictional exchanges of legal information and education, as a voice of the legal profession and as a conduit for encouraging adherence to commonly shared principles of rule of law, high standards in legal practice and protection of human rights.
This is a special occasion for the whole of Sri Lanka which has been vested with the responsibility of hosting this premier international legal conference in the golden jubilee year, at a time where the independence of the judiciary is well established by the new government of Sri Lanka in power since January 2015.
I am happy to announce that the organizing committee of LAWASIA Conference is getting ready to host an unforgettable conference and provide a magnificent experience for all those slated to participate. The Committee wish to thank corporate partners Tokyo Cement, Bank of Ceylon, MAS Holdings, Dialog Axiata, Sri Lankan Airlines and Aitken Spence for already pledging support to this important event.
The Committee invites all members of the legal fraternity to join us at the 29th LAWASIA Conference 2016 in Colombo.

Upul Jayasuriya
LAWASIA - Sri Lanka 2016 Organising Committee & Vice President LAWASIA


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LAWASIA Golden Jubilee Conference in August themed ‘50 Years of Supporting the Rule of Law’
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